Maison de Surya: 2 personnes, avec Jardin privé, Kabupaten Gianyar

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Ce que vous allez adorer dans ce logement

We are happy to share a real Balinese Experience in our house. Our house is a traditional Balinese house that fully adheres to our traditional value. We have a traditional value in building the house that is called “sikut satak”. Bear in mind that this is a real house, not a bed and breakfast hotel nor a guest house, so real people live in this house :) That is what homestay all about, to know the real Balinese living. Based on this concept, the house has mrajan (family temple), gedong (north building), bale dangin (east building), bale dauh/loji (west building) and paon (kitchen) Each of this building has its own function and we are happy to explain it for you :) Our house is located within the area of the village where you can really see and get an insight of the real Balinese traditional live. One of the special highlight is that the house is located very near to the rice field. It is only 2 minutes walk or can be 1 minute walk if you walk faster to the UNESCO heritage rice field. The rice field is called Pulagan rice field. Less known for tourist but it is a huge and beautiful rice THE HOUSE Our house is a traditional Balinese House. This is how we build a house in Bali. The rule is called Sikut Satak. There are 3 main parts in he house. The temple, the house area and the backyard. THE FAMILY TEMPLE (MERAJAN) Every house in Bali has a family temple. It is built on the highest ground. The temple is located on the North East area of the house. The area is considered as holy area. You may have a look and enter this area anytime. Lady who is on her period is not allowed to enter. Balinese believe in God and the ancestor’s spirit. So basically we pray to the God and our ancestor’s spirit. We put offering in the temple for the ceremony that is tribute to the God. NORTH BUILDING (GEDONG) North Building is the building where the most senior people live. One of the pillars must align to one of the pillars on the family temple. The floor may not higher than the lowest floor in the family temple. North building has only one bedroom. EAST BUILDING (BALE DANGIN) East building is an open space building with four fosters bed. This is the place where we put the offering if there is ceremony that is tribute for the human. For example third month ceremony for baby, sixth month ceremony for baby, tooth filling ceremony for adult and wedding. One of the pillars of east building must align to one of the pillars of north building. The floor of the east building may not be higher than the floor of the north building. When it is not used as ceremony venue, this can be used as normal place. Sleeping, seating area or any activity. WEST BUILDING (BALE DAUH) Bale Dauh or west building is place for the younger generation or for guest who visit us. One of the pillars of west building must align to one of the pillars of east building. Normally west building has several rooms for the younger generations. This the room where you are staying now. SOUTH BUILDING (BALE DELOD) South building is optional. This can be a kitchen or a building for people to sleep. In our place, the south building is a kitchen. BACKYARD (TEBA) Backyard is called Teba. Normally this area is used as place for preparation during the ceremony. If there is big scale ceremony in the house, backyard area is used as preparation area.

Ce que vous allez adorer dans le quartier

Our traditional Balinese compound is located in a village, you have the opportunity to see and interact with the villagers. PEOPLE You will enjoy seeing the people and their activity. The people are very welcoming, just try to walk around and you’ll see there are many naturally smiling faces greet you. MARKET Try to visit the market in the morning and see the real activity there. You get meat, fruits or cake. If you love photography, the market can be very interesting spot for your documentary. For example the colorful ceremony material that is hung all around the market creates unique and picturesque view. The market is only 15 minutes walk. TEMPLES There are many temples around the village. Some are within walking distance. The recommended ones to visit are 1. PURA GUNUNG KAWI TEMPLE. It is like 15 minutes walk from the house. The temple is very unique because it is carved on a rocky wall. Normally temples are Bali are built on using normal method but Gunung Kawi Temple has some parts that is carved on a rocky wall. Some huge parts actually. 2. PURA MENGENING TEMPLE This temple is one of the oldest temples in Bali. It takes about 25 minutes by walk or 5 minutes scooter ride from our place. There is an area for bathing outside of the sacred area where local people take a bath on an open space. The water is very fresh and pure. You may try if you wish. 3. PURA TIRTA EMPUL TEMPLE . The temple has holy spring water where people do purification ceremony. It is like 35 minutes walk or 7 minutes ride by scooter/car. One of the big temples in Bali because people from around the island come for praying and purification. RICE FIELD Pulagan rice field is a UNESCO heritage site. It is only 2 minutes walk from our house. One of the favorite attractions because it is very beautiful there. You can jogging every morning there. 1. Morning visit during sunrise, you will see beautiful sunrise coming from behind the Sacred Mount Agung. 2. Around 9 AM – 11 AM also good time when sun ray gets some reflections on the dew/moisture that is still on the leaves. It gives good photography effect of your picture. 3. 16 PM till sunset are moment when people go to the river for bathing. Good moment to see their life and ended by beautiful orange impression created by the sunset. 4. Night around 8 PM is best time to watch fireflies on the rice field.

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We are pretty much in a village where guest can experience real Balinese life.

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