Maison de Andrea: 10 personnes, Kabupaten Gianyar

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 a complété sa maison en anglais.

Ce que vous allez adorer dans ce logement

This is an ideal space - lofted ceilings, marble floors, spiral staircase. This charming jungle loft was built over a period of 14 years, as its inaccessible by roads. You can wake up to a plush pink sunrise and roll over to see the three volcanos from the bedroom window. A unique experience unparalleled by any other Ubud can offer. All of our guests have greatly enjoyed the peace and quiet of their stay, and many have been tempted not to leave!

Ce que vous allez adorer dans le quartier

Penestenan is a hub for foreigners and was the first place developed in Ubud. That’s a good sign though, as it means there will never be any construction around the house, as all surrounding rice fields are not preserved for views. It’s quiet and peaceful, the sound of frogs at night and birds in the morning. Everyone who has stayed here has loved it. Many people never want to leave.

Le mot de la fin

Bali is the most highly-trafficked tourist destination on earth. Rated #1 in the world for vacations, several years in a row, it is simply a must-visit. We have been hosting Home Exchangers for several years and always set you up with a driver or tour guide, maid, organic fruit and vegetable and spring water delivery, etc. etc. etc. Welcome to the good life.

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Oui, ce logement dispose d’une connexion Wi-Fi. Nous vous recommandons tout de même de discuter avec l’hôte afin de vous assurer que la vitesse de connexion est suffisante pour vos besoins.
Oui, ce logement dispose d'un ou plusieurs emplacements de parking.
Ce logement dispose de 2 chambres.
La surface de ce logement est de 400m2.
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